About Vitility

We make your life easier


Not every day is an easy day. But when you do get to experience the comfort of a day that just passes with ease, life is great. We love those days. And we want more of them. So let today be the start of more easy days!


Vitility has been making lifes easier since 2008. We do that by creating solutions for everyday discomforts. Today we are the biggest supplier in the world and you can currently find Vitility products in nearly 50 countries.

From day one we wanted Vitility to be different from everything else out there. We wanted to be innovative and look at the products from a positive angle without focussing on limitations or age. Because while others see limitations, we see no limit. And maybe our glass is always half full but we like it that way. It makes life more positive and more beautiful regardless of your age or limitation.


Vitility is still shifting and always looking for improvements. Our new focus is design. It’s just nog enough to create thought-through, comfortable products so activities can be performed simply and independently. We want these products to be desirable for there

looks too. That is our new goal. Surely we can’t do that overnight but we can always try. And that will make lives even more easier and pleasant. All day and every day.