Vitility Medical Cooling Bag - Small

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The cooling bag keeps insulin and other medicines cool, it consists of a cooling and a protective bag. For the first use, immerse the cooler case in cold water for 45-60 minutes. The granules in the bag will take up the water and form a gel. The first time you will have to divide the gel evenly in the bag. Then dry the bag with a towel. Put the insulin pens in the supplied poly bag and then in the cooler bag. The bag can be placed in the corresponding protective case. It stays on temperature for about 48 hours at 37 degrees Celsius. The warmer the temperature is the sooner you have to reactivate it. This is done by putting the inner bag in cold water for 10 minutes. Don’t put the cooling bag in plastic packaging, this can cause it to suffocate.

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SKU 70610320
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Extra information 8 x 18 cm
Weight 29 gr
Colour Black
Manufacturer Vitility
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